Ellie Grey Spells it Out

Ellie Grey spells it out . I have all the evidence to prove that this is a load of rubbish. Listen to the flu deaths from previous years. Please stop living in fear. Turn off your TV and stop listening to the government. Learn to think logically, calmly and rationally. Covid is NOT to be feared for the average person. It’s not even considered a bad flu year. Proof below.

Swine flu in 2010 –
0.026% mortality rate, 540,000 CASES. https://www.nhs.uk/news/cancer/swine-flu-deaths-examined/

Peaked on 1st jan 2015 – 44,000 deaths – 35% higher than 5 year average
5-11th, there were 15,000 deaths alone associated with the flu.

January 2018, 64,157 people died – 42% spike than 5 year average and highest since 2006

Covid as of 16th July – 23,146 – 0.0024%
Ellie Grey

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  1. Ellie where have you gone sweetheart, I hope you and the family are ok. You are what has kept so many of us sane these last 18 months and for me you are the one person I seek the truth from. Obviously if for your own health you have taken a step back, then my selfish need to hear what you have to say, can wait. I am now doing my own research I am now standing up and speaking to people about my own beliefs. This is the only place I have seen you, so hope you get this message and are well. Thinking of you.

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