New 2018 Update – Was the Sudarium of Oviedo the actual face cloth that was wrapped around Jesus head when He died? This is a fascinating subject; there have been some amazing breakthroughs in understanding the Suadrium of Oviedo and it’s direct connection to the Shroud of Turin. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KBycQZug8Fo  

The Elite Don’t Want You To Know: GOD IS REAL – Here’s the Proof.

The global elite are now in the process of unveiling that which they have been hiding for centuries. There is a spiritual war taking place on planet earth at this very moment. Look no further than the Goothard Tunnel opening ceremony on June 1st in Switzerland. The nearly $9 million dollar occult riddled ritual featured […]

The Most Surprising LIE on Earth – Full Documentary (2018)

What science teaches when it comes to origins, and our world has very dark connections to the occult and is more of a religion masquerading as the truth. It’s time for Scientism to be exposed in a way that has never been done before. A very surprising documentary! This film is “Scientism Exposed 2” the […]

Mouse Eutopia

The bible describes the last days as being very dark. Where people become lovers of themselves , despising their parents and unbelieving. There is a coming tribulation and a downfall . It can all be predetermined scientifically.